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Insert Molding manufacturers offer high quality Insert Molding to meet all your Insert Molding requirements.. If you are looking for high quality Insert Molding and reliable manufacturers, please click the links below to obtain detailed information, and to send Insert Molding inquiries.


From their humble beginnings in 1985, Accumold has quickly grown into a prolific supplier of micro molding parts, insert molding machines and other related accessories. With an 82,000ft2 modern manufacturing facility, their insert molding machines and micro molding machines are very high quality and tested using the very latest instruments. Besides insert molding components they also manufacture a wide selection of micro optical components, automotive electronics and medical components.


Since expanding into the global marketplace, EVCO Plastics has been quickly growing sales of their insert molding machines, packaging machines and automation equipment. With a wide selection of large part molding machines, insert molding machines and plastic injection molding machines, they really have a comprehensive selection of molding products. From their technical expertise they are able to design and manufacture custom made insert molding and plastic injection solutions for even the most demanding customers.


As one of Japan's largest manufacturers of plastic injection molding machines and insert molding machines, Furuya Industrial keeps pushing the limits with their meticulous designs. As they continue to develop plastic processing products, insert molding components and more, they are quickly spreading their products all over Asia. With multiple awards for their insert molding and plastic molding production excellence this company is one to look out for in the future.


Founded exactly 70 years ago, SEMO Plastic Company has a long history of custom injection molding and insert molding machine manufacturing. They possess the newest testing equipment to ensure that all of their insert molding machines and other plastic molding components meet the highest standards. Besides the latest insert molding equipment, they also manufacture robotic automation systems, consumer products and other precision parts and components.


Started in 1990, Streamline Plastics is a family-owned company focused on injection molding and insert molding. In order to meet the changing industry they manufacture a growing selection of insert molding and plastic injection machines. As they are selling their products to a growing number of clients, they are diversifying away from injection and insert molding and focusing more on affordable molding solutions.

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