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Blown Film Cooler manufacturers offer high quality Blown Film Cooler to meet all your Blown Film Cooler requirements.If you are looking for high quality Blown Film Cooler and reliable manufacturers, please click the links below to obtain detailed information, and send Blown Film Cooler inquiries.



A-Max Technology Corp., with a dedicated R&D team and adhering to the motto to offer quality, advanced and trustworthy products and prompt service, provides convenient/well-organized after-sales service, as well as being an engineering and specialized planner to help customers/manufacturers in the fields of rubber, plastic, biomedical, pharmaceutical goods and processed food. While eagerly participating in local and international exhibitions of rubber/plastic machinery and cooperating with renowned machine manufacturers to develop more business opportunities with competitive prices, we are dedicated to developing more user-friendly, practical machines—including auto-cooled oil temp controllers, innovative air coolers and freezers—also providing consultation, stringently assembled machines that are quality/performance inspected before delivery. We also provide set-up training on-site for free to build customer loyalty and satisfaction. Our efforts have turned us into the designated machine supplier for local schools and we are looking for opportunities overseas.

Blown Film Cooler


Established in 1952, now it has a branch and offices throughout China. ISO9001 and CE approved product lines, offering ODM for many well-known Japanese and German brands. Excellent customer service!


Blown Film Cooler Manufacturers

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