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PARKER PLASTIC MACHINERY CO., LTD. is a professional manufacturer of Blow Molding Machines turnkey solutions. Plastic containers for everyday items such as popsicles, toys, cosmetics, mineral water, shampoo, several hundred liter jerry cans as well as all types of blow molded products can be produced with PARKER PLASTIC's machinery.



Series PK-100CI
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  1. The plasticizing screw and barrel are precision machined from special nitrogen treated steel for maximum temperature and heat resistance.
  2. Water cooling technology controls the feed zone temperature.
  3. Hydraulically controlled blow-pin with cooler circulation.
  4. The Accumulative Blow Molding Machine is especially suited to molding large volume capacity containers. (ex. jerry cans, water tanks, etc.) range from 12 to 200 litres.

Material To Be Used PE
Product Volume (Min/Max) Liter 40 - 100
Product Dia. (Min/Max) mm 200 - 600
Screw Diameter mm 100
L / D 1 :28
Screw-Speed Range RPM 15 - 60
Extruding Main Driven Motor HP 100
Max. Extruding Output / Per Hour kgs 225
Barrel Heating Zone zone 4
Barrel Heating Capacity kw 28
Die Head (Accumulative Type)
Heating Zone zone 4
Heating Capacity kw 32
Accumulative Capacity (Max.) kgs 12
Outer Die Nozzle (Max.) mm 300
Parison Thickness Controller One Stage Hydraulic Controller
Motor Of Parison Thickness Controller HP 7.5
Mold Platen
Max. Opening Stroke mm 1800
Min. Clamping Stroke mm 600
Mold Thickness (Min/Max) mm 600 - 1000
Mold Dimension (W x H) mm 950 x 1100
Hydraulic System
Pump Motor HP 60
Pump Pressure kg/cm2 160
Mold Clamping Force Ton 45
Oil Tank Capacity gallon 300
Total Power Consumption kw 185
Average Power Consumption kw 148
Machine Weight Ton 11
Packing Size (L x W x H) inch 187" x 98" x 130"
148" x 86" x 93"
152" x 36" x 37"
Machine Meas't M3 61
PARKER has set up overseas offices and agents, each office has professional sales and service engineers to respond to our customers needs in the shortest possible time. Our name will be synonymous with high quality blow molding machine.
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